Problem-solving page for chimneys

Do you suffer from any of these problems?:

  • Down draughts?
  • Soot falling onto the hearth?
  • Smell of the chimney in the room?
  • Birds nesting?
  • Difficulties in lighting a fire?
  • Tar in the chimney (caused by unseasoned wood)?
  • Rain coming down the chimney?

These -  and many more - problems can be solved!

Contact our Help Line on 086 260 8220

Help our environment by keeping your chimney clean.

Solid fuel burns more efficiently if the chimney is working as it should. Less emissions are put into our atmosphere because they are burned up.

A dirty, clogged up chimney is a potential fire waiting to happen., These fires are dangerous and it is costly to clean up the aftermath later..

So contact our Chimney Cleaning section for a professional job.

Some of the above problems affecting chimneys can be rectified by using a chimney cowl, provided you choose  the right one for your problem.

This will no doubt provide maximum efficiency to your fire.

Contact our Chimney Problem section Help Line on 086 260 8220. We can also arrange the fitting for you.

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