Upholstery Cleaning Tips - How to remove tough oil stains 

Upholstery Cleaning Tips – How To Remove Tough Oil Stains

If your couch has a lot of oils stain you can get a professional upholstery cleaning service to get them out or try to remove them yourself. Oil stains are those dark circular stains that are tough to remove, you can’t even get it out with just soap and water. The worst part is, if you leave them on for a long time, you probably won’t be able to get them out easily.

If you eat on your couch and get some oily food on your upholstery, you should try to get the oil out right away. There are specific things you have to do to remove oil from your upholstery. By doing the following steps, you can minimize or remove the oil stains completely.

1.       Once the oil drops on your upholstery, quickly sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch on the stain. Put enough powder to cover the entire stained area. Leave the cornstarch on for about 15 minutes to let the powder absorb as much oil as possible.

2.       Now, take your vacuum cleaner out and attach a brush nozzle. Suck out all the cornstarch from your couch and then check if you got everything. You might see more stains which you can hope to remove by following the next upholstery cleaning steps.

3.       Put a few drops of clear dish soap on a clean white piece of cloth made of cotton. For small stains, use 3 drops and more for bigger stains. Wet the cloth a little to make soap suds. Blot the stains with your soapy cloth and make the fabric absorb the detergent.

4.       Then, take another piece of clean white cotton cloth and moisten it with warm water too. Use the new rag to clean off the detergent from your upholstery. Then, take some white paper towels and use it to dry the fabric.

Once dry, you will be able to see if your upholstery cleaning efforts were effective. If there are still dark stains on your couch, you can try to repeat the process or hire a professional cleaning company to remove the stains. Oil stains that stay too long on your sofa, dining chairs and carpet will be very hard to remove as time goes by. Professional cleaners use stronger cleaning solutions and appropriate tools to get these stains out faster.

You also run the risk of damaging your upholstery if you try to clean the stains yourself, especially if the upholstery materials are sensitive to ordinary detergent. Some people use dry-cleaning solutions but this can be tricky if you know nothing about dry cleaning. It may be wiser to use a professional service. It will be cheaper to get them than to have your couch re-upholstered.

NOTE: this advice is given "as is" and in good faith. However we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this advice nor for any damage caused by following this advice. We recommend that you contact a suitably qualified tradesman to carry out this work.

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