Trust Master Clean with the cleaning of your precious antique furniture.

Living in today’s neglected society, surrounded by the overproduction of ephemeral or disposable things, reinforces the fact that antiques are an investment that will stand the test of time and life. As fashions come and go, future generations will inherit rarer and, therefore, more sought after and more valuable antiques.

We all have a list: get the hall mirror in gold, upholster your favorite armchair, fix stale dining chairs, polish the desk, or polish the dining table – a little work now will breathe new life and vitality into your furniture, returning to its original splendor. With good care and maintenance, these beautiful pieces will become rarer, more sought after and, therefore, more valuable to our future.

Our proven track record, attention to detail and unmatched skills allow us to provide high quality service to our clients, regardless of their style of antiques. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a full service – from bookcases to desks, chests to chairs, dining tables to sofas, and sideboards to sofa tables.

Master Clean has been commissioned by some of Athlones’ prestigious clients, creating a portfolio they can be proud of.

No matter what the damage (almost) we will restore it as ‘good as new’ for you.